Everyone is welcome to have their children Christened in their parish church. During the Christening service your child will be baptised and with the support of the church, you and godparents, your child begins an amazing journey of faith.

Christening Information

All you need to know about planning and going to a Church of England christening can be found on It includes information about another church service to say thank you to God for your baby (Thanksgiving).

Arrange a Christening

If you would like to arrange for your baby or child to be christened, then please come to the Church on a Saturday morning between 9.30am and 10.30am and we can look at dates etc.

Journey of Faith

Sometimes, seeing someone else christened, deciding to have your own child christened or being asked to be a godparent, can make you think about your own journey of faith. If you were not baptised as a young child, you may be deciding now as an adult or a teenager to make this commitment. If this is you, then please contact to discuss this further.

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